Through the wisdom and guidance of our patient partners and Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council, we are learning to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing into our work. We recognize and embrace the importance of a “two-eyed seeing” approach that accounts for both Western and Indigenous perspectives.

With this knowledge, we are developing culturally appropriate research protocols that will support the best possible kidney health for all Canadians, regardless of geography, ethnicity, or culture. As outlined below, our work is aligned with several of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action related to health.

We acknowledge the impact of historical traumas on Indigenous health

In partnership with Diabetes Action Canada, we hosted a webinar on the history of Indigenous health in Canada and how this context impacts health outcomes.

We recognize the disparities in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities

We are leading research that will promote kidney health in Indigenous communities. This project will help reduce disparities in outcomes by improving access to care for all.

We acknowledge the importance of cultural competency training for research team members, health-care providers, and policy-makers

Our Indigenous partners are leading development of a new training module for Indigenous cultural safety. This curriculum will complement the Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research training developed by a CIHR reference group.

In addition to the above actions, we also uphold the meaningful engagement of Indigenous peoples in our research and outreach activities by:

  • acknowledging the traditional territory of the nations where our meetings are held
  • acknowledging traditional healing practices of Indigenous peoples, whenever possible
  • incorporating traditional practices at our meetings and events (e.g., smudging, Elders’ prayers, ceremony, the gifting of tobacco)
  • supporting the economic aspirations of Indigenous small businesses (e.g., utilizing Indigenous catering services, hosting meetings at Indigenous venues when possible)

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