This year, World Kidney Day and its 2018 theme of “Kidneys & Women’s Health – Include, Value, Empower” and International Women’s Day and its 2018 theme of “Press for Progress” both take place on Thursday, March 8.

This makes the weeks before and after the perfect time to celebrate the women of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network and the important work they’re doing to improve the lives of women and all people living with or at risk of chronic kidney disease.

The dedicated and courageous women of Can-SOLVE CKD are involved at all levels and in all aspects of the network. As part of Canada’s largest multi-partner, patient-oriented kidney research initiative, each is working to transform treatment and care for the 4 million Canadians living with chronic kidney disease.

From February through the spring, connect with the network and its partners as we share inspiring stories and key facts in support of World Kidney Day and International Women’s Day. Visit Can-SOLVE CKD’s World Kidney Day 2018 page for more.

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