The Can-SOLVE CKD Network is excited to welcome Dr. William Clark, a distinguished clinician and researcher at Western University and London Health Sciences Centre, who has joined the network as Chair of the Research Operations Committee. 

Dr. Clark’s career as a clinician-scientist spans more than three decades. His work has explored many issues, including the role of platelets in kidney injury resulting from diseases of the immune system such as lupus nephritis or glomerulonephritis. He has also studied the application of plasma exchange and dialysis to improve the treatment and health of people suffering from kidney injury.

Dr. Clark has gained international recognition for his observational studies, randomized clinical trials and treatment of kidney patients. Most recently, he has gained worldwide attention for his work examining the increased risks of initiating dialysis treatment early.

For his clinical and research successes, Dr. Clark has been recognized with the Kidney Foundation of Canada Medal for Research Excellence and the Lawson Scientist Career Award. He has also received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for his charitable work with the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Dr. Clark takes over the role of Research Operations Committee Chair from Dr. Norman Rosenblum, who was recently appointed Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Diabetes. In his capacity as ROC Chair, Dr. Clark will also join the Can-SOLVE CKD Steering Committee.

The Can-SOLVE CKD Research Operations Committee is mandated to approve research project plans and discuss the scientific progress of research projects. It also considers internal and external collaborations, barriers, challenges, and opportunities. The committee monitors and reports on the network’s progress via a performance measurement framework and recommends mitigation strategies to the project teams and Steering Committee as necessary.

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